What is DISC Profiling?

Disc Profiling is a behavioural profile that provides an accurate insight into how people behave at work.  It provides the real answers to questions such as:

  • What are this person's strengths?
  • Is the business playing to their strengths?
  • Which limitations will impact on their ability to be successful?
  • Does this person drive for results?
  • Can this person work with and motivate and develop people?

How can Disc Profiling help you?


Disc will help you to reduce the cost and risk of recruitment and speed up your process by clarifying the specific skills that you need.


Disc will help you to reduce staff turnover by identifying what motivates and engages your staff and how they tick.


Disc will help you to know precisely where to invest your training budget to achieve the maximum impact on your business.


DISC will help you and your managers work on the behavioural issues that will bring the biggest benefit to the business.

What you get

Disc takes 8 minutes to complete and you are provided with an initial profile detailing:

  • How a person prefers to behave at work and the characteristics they demonstrate
  • Any frustrations the person has in their current role and if they are suited to that role
  • How or whether a person is modifying their behaviour
  • Their behaviour under pressure
  • Their strengths, limitations and value to the organisation

Once the questionnaire has been completed, you will receive a tailored report specifically designed for you.

Profile Analysis

A comprehensive report on an individual's working strengths, fears, motivators and value to the organisation. Indicates behaviour under pressure, behavioural modifications and frustrations.

Executive summary

A succinct overview of the information contained in the DISC Profile with graphs and scores

General questionnaire

A series of interview questions tailored to the candidate's profile.

How to manage

Tells you how to manage the individual to get the best out of them

Training needs

Identifies weaknesses and training needs and where their development focus needs to be.


DISC Personal Profile Analysis is registered with the British Psychological Society (BPS) and audited against technical criteria established by the European Federation of Psychologists' Associations, confirming it meets the psychometric requirements for use as a psychological tool. 

Angela Kimberley is a Thomas trained Disc Practitioner

To find out more and access your personal DISC contact Angela on 07814 883380, email contact@angelakimberley.co.uk