Angela Kimberley Associates Business and Education Specialists 

We deliver business and personal development coaching, consultancy and training.   Based in Essex all our services are designed to develop your skills and increase business performance and leadership skills.

Want to develop your leadership skills? 

DISC is an assessment tool that will empower business leaders to transform the performance of their teams and individuals, to find out more click here

Want to recruit and develop your staff? 

Would you like to know how our emotional intelligence can help you to  develop the skills of you and your Managers?  Why not carry out an assessment and learn how to be more self aware, manage stress and understand what motivates you, to find out more click here

Angela Kimberley is a licensed DISC and Emotional Intelligence Practitioner. 

Contact us for a free no obligation discussion on how we can help you or your business at enquiries@angelakimberley.co.uk or call 07814 883380.