Every Business Commits


Every Business Commits was launched by the Prime Minister in December 2010. It sets out areas in which Government and business can work together to help build the Big Society.  

For its part, the Government is committed to creating a stable economy, with lower taxation and less regulation. In return, the Government wants to recognise and refresh the commitment from business to invest in skills and jobs, reduce carbon usage, improve well-being and support communities and enterprise.  

The Plan for Growth 

The Government’s Plan for Growth is to make the UK one of the best places in which to start, finance and grow a business.  

To achieve this it will work to create one of the most competitive tax systems in the G20, encourage investment and exports, and develop a more educated and flexible workforce.  

Business is not only vital in supporting growth and rebuilding the economy. Business can also help communities to become stronger and more able to solve some of the enduring issues of disadvantage and deprivation.

Download the flyer - Every Business Commits (PDF, 364 Kb)    

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