National Minimum Wage


From 1 October 2013 the National Minimum Wage is increasing. The new rates are as follows:

  • Main rate for workers aged 21 and over increases to £6.31 per hour.
  • Development rate for workers aged 18 - 20, inclusive, increases to £5.03 per hour.
  • Special rate for workers aged 16 and 17 increases to £3.72 per hour.
  • Special rate for apprentices aged below 19, or in their first 12 months of apprenticeship: £2.68 per hour

Please be aware that the following are exempt from the National Minimum Wage regulations:

  • The genuinely self employed.
  • Genuine volunteers.
  • Students doing work as part of their undergraduate or post-graduate course.
  • Certain training schemes.

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