New interactive careers and learning tool launches


A new free online service, launched today, will help people to get improved access to jobs and career development opportunities.

Lifelong Learning Accounts will empower adults to take more control over their learning by providing clear information and advice on skills, careers and financial support all in one place.

Account holders will have free access to a number of online tools, including:

  • A skills diagnostic tool to identify their interests, strengths and needs
  • Localised course and job searches
  • A CV builder
  • An ‘eligibility checker' to identify Government funding available to them

A facility to store all their personal learner information - CVs, skills tests, job and course searches - in one easily accessible place they can share with a careers adviser.

Minister for Further Education, Skills and Lifelong Learning, John Hayes said "Lifelong Learning Accounts will encourage individuals to learn, and keep on learning. I want the accounts to help build a national community with the desire to seek out knowledge and skills and invest in their own success."All young people and adults should have the chance to learn and to excel in their chosen skill, getting into work and progressing in their chosen career."

As well as improving access to careers information and personal data, the accounts will encourage users to link up with other learners to share knowledge and experiences. Account holders will be signposted to relevant learners' forums and communities via social media such as Facebook and Twitter.The accounts will also enable training providers to respond better to what learners want and help careers advisers to deliver targeted advice and support based on an individual's interests. The Lifelong Learning Accounts offer will continue to develop in 2012 and beyond to provide account holders with the information they want in a way that best suits them.

For more information on Lifelong Learning Accounts and to sign up for an account, visit



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