SFA meet ALP members regarding ACTOR ESF round


Senior officials from the Skills Funding Agency (SFA) met with a delegation of providers from ALP regarding ongoing concerns as to the recent round of ESF contracting for provision for the unemployed this week. In a very lively, frank but constructive discussion that lasted well over the two hours allotted, members led by ALP's Director of Employment and Skills, Paul Warner, were able to outline their concerns surrounding both the use of ACTOR in this round, and some of the results that have so far been announced regarding allocations.

The meeting covered a lot of ground, but in summary, SFA were able to reassure providers that any offers so far made were conditional on being able to deliver immediate provision - any indication that supply chains were being built to meet the offers being made, would mean that offers may be reviewed before allocations are finalised. They acknowledged however that the lack of indication as to how allocations were being scored or weighted, combined with the absence of a central specification for what provision was exactly being sought, has led to considerable uncertainty and confusion as to how or whether offers were being made, which in turn led to operational difficulties.

Further meetings between ALP and SFA officials on this issue are due shortly. A more detailed report of the meeting will be placed on the ALP Members Only website shortly.

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